Aging process, measured by grumpiness over unfamiliar pro teams

1995: Carolina Panthers? SINCE WHEN? And which Carolina? Aren't there two?

1995: Jacksonville Jaguars? Since when is Jacksonville big enough to host a pro sports team? What do you MEAN it's the biggest city in Florida by population? There's no way it's bigger than Miami. You're crazy.

1998: Arizona Diamondbacks? Why the whole state? Wanna pick a CITY in Arizona? How about Phoenix?

2002: Houston Texans? Wow, what a creative name.

2002: New Orleans Pelicans? Talk about striking fear into the heart of your opponent with such a vicious mascot...

2005: Washington Nationals? Isn't "national" an adjective? Why are you making it a noun? Who said you could do that?

2008: Oklahoma City Thunder? Wow, what's THAT mascot gonna look like? Didn't think about that first, did ya?

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