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Hello, fellow travelers, and thanks for visiting. Things you should know about me: I'm a journalism professor at The University of Tampa, as well as a freelance writer for CNN, The Atlantic, and The New York Times. I also write content for corporate clients. Addictions include the BBC World Service and The Wall Street Journal. I'm a sucker for guided tours, and I dislike using "impact" as a verb. Need a writer for an upcoming project? Let's talk.

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The Atlantic

I've been writing for The Atlantic since 2010 on topics such as student privacy, the slow death of the signature, and the transition from print to digital media in Gutenberg's hometown. My Atlantic article "Do Students Still Have Free Speech in School" is required reading for a seminar course at Harvard's Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society. The above link will take you to my Atlantic author page.


For CNN, I've written about the sorry state of voice recognition software, the need for an unconditional basic income, and the questionable hiring practices of Silicon Valley, among other topics. The above link will take you to my CNN author page.

The New York Times

As a freelancer for The New York Times, I've written about the narrowing knowledge gap between parents and pediatricians, as well as the phenomenon of high schoolers who "commute" to their part-time jobs.

The Week

Why, in our increasingly busy lives, are we still taking customer surveys for free? In one of my articles for The Week, I look into the growing number of consumers who are starting to rebel against this practice. As part of my research, I went on a quixotic six-month journey demanding $20 any time a company asked me to take a survey. In another article, I explore the phenomenon of evangelical colleges welcoming heterosexual atheists while rejecting gay Christians.

The New Republic

In "The Rise of the Passport Professor," written for The New Republic, I explore the disappearance of tenure-track positions in the U.S. and the increasing number of American Ph.D.s who immigrate to other countries in search of full-time jobs.

The Florentine

How about travel writing? Yep, I do that too. For The Florentine, the English-language news-magazine of Florence, Italy, I had the pleasure of writing about Tuscany's best hostels — including a converted fourteenth-century monastery — as well as its finest beaches, including Vada, the white-sand paradise on the Tyrrenhian Sea.

Photography Portfolio

Although I'm primarily a writer, I also teach a photojournalism course, shoot portraits and events, and take photos for professional news outlets, including the Tampa Bay Business Journal. This link takes you to my SmugMug photo portfolio.

BBC Newsday Interview

My CNN article on Scotland's independence referendum led to a guest segment on Newsday, one of the BBC's most popular radio shows with a weekly audience of more than 5 million listeners. Click to listen.

BBC Business Matters Interview

My CNN article "Stop Worshipping Guys Like Elon Musk" led to a guest segment on BBC Business Matters. Roger Hearing, one of my favorite BBC presenters, interviewed me about the advantages and disadvantages of having a CEO who is indistinguishable from his or her company. My five-minute segment starts at 27:45.

WBEZ Chicago Interview

My Atlantic article "The LGBT Politics of Christian Colleges" led to an interview on Morning Shift, WBEZ Chicago's weekday morning show. Click to listen.


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